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Around three million people in the UK have kidney disease


Who we are

Who we are

Kidney Research UK is dedicated to research into kidney disease. We believe that everybody deserves a life free from kidney disease.

Our aim

Our research aims to improve the quality of life of those living with kidney disease. Ultimately, we want to eradicate this silent killer.

Our research saves lives

There are three million people in the UK living with kidney disease right now. One million don’t even know they have it and there is no cure.

Every day our scientists and clinicians are growing their understanding of kidney disease to help us unlock the answers to tackling this life-limiting condition.

For decades our developments in treatments, better information for patients and raising vital public awareness have been saving lives. As the likelihood of kidney disease striking you becomes ever greater, our work is more essential now than ever.

Our supporters are amazing

Thanks to the help of our supporters, we have achieved breakthroughs in the diagnosis, treatment and patient care of those affected by the disease. But much more needs to be done.

People with end stage kidney failure are reliant on dialysis or a transplant to stay alive, but neither of these guarantee a 'happy ever after'.

Dialysis requires being hooked up to a machine for several hours, three or more days a week. This means that your blood can be cleaned of deadly toxins, but you are at a far greater risk of heart attack or stroke. If you are lucky enough to have a transplant, that precious kidney may only last for 10-15 years before it, too, starts to fail.

Piece by piece we are making life better by developing new and improved treatments and methods of care.

We are putting the brakes on kidney disease; with our supporters’ help we can stop it in its tracks.

Volunteers at the London Marathon cheering station

Our vision is to

free lives from kidney disease.

Our mission is to...

  • Fund and deliver life-saving research into kidney diseases
  • Improve treatments for people with kidney diseases and enhance their quality of life
  • Increase awareness of kidney health, and support the early diagnosis and prevention of kidney disease and damage.

Our strategy

Our vision is lives free from kidney disease. Read our strategy to find out how we will achieve our mission and strategic outcomes.

Our memberships & affiliations

We are members of...

APBI Patient Organisation Forum

Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC)

Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) Patient Group Partners

Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) Public Involvement Network

All Wales Medicines Strategy Group's Patient and Public Involvement Group

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