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UK Renal MedTech Research Network – vacancy for co-chairs

UK Renal MedTech Research Network Vacancy for co-chairs

Unpaid, voluntary role (remuneration for reasonable expenses) 

Closing date: 5pm, Friday 18 June 2021

There is now an exciting opportunity in the early-stage development of a UK Renal MedTech Research Network, for the position of two co-chairs, to lead the work of this group and drive forward research in this area. This network will sit under the auspices of the UK Kidney Research Consortium (UKKRC).

This new network approach and collaboration across medical technology aims to transform the way we diagnose, assess, treat, and monitor kidney disease.

By enabling better use of medical technology, we can improve healthcare now and support future research breakthroughs.

The co-chairs will develop a clear roadmap with key milestones in line with agreed goals, driving forward identified workstreams and new projects to accelerate progress in the use of medical technology to improve outcomes for kidney patients.

This network will:

  • Draw on expertise from the wider research community and other stakeholder organisations to identify gaps in knowledge and explore the potential of testing devices, wearables, use of apps and A.I., etc. to generate new studies that can and should be undertaken in the UK to drive forward innovation
  • Co-ordinate and encourage collaborative research activities as an outward-facing network, using multi-disciplinary approaches, including technological expertise, to contribute to the evidence base in line with the UK Renal Research Strategy and recommendations for renal research outcomes
  • Undertake horizon-scanning to understand current and developing medical technology that has direct applicability to kidney patients and clinicians.
  • Encourage, advance and support multi-disciplinary, multi-centre, grant application activity
  • Form partnerships with industry, potential funders and charity organisations to design quality renal research in the UK and leverage greater funding into the renal sector for medical technology
  • Support translational research, clinical utility and implementation of renal research in the UK
  • Collaborate with the NIHR Medtech and In vitro diagnostic Co-operatives (MICs) on commercially supplied diagnostic tests, which act as a point of reference for evaluation of renal MedTech research study protocols, advising on research methodologies and contributing to research boards in the UK
  • Work closely with other UKKRC Networks, Clinical Study Groups, Local Clinical Research Networks, and Special Interest Groups, helping to ensure that studies incorporating medical technology recruit to target and are delivered successfully in the NHS for the benefit of patients
  • Ensure patients and carers, as core members of the network, are integral to the design, delivery and dissemination of research, including feedback on novel approaches from a patient perspective
  • Work with key individuals/organisations to ensure that the introduction of novel technologies considers the needs of all patients and does not widen the gap in terms of health inequalities
  • Influence funding bodies to strengthen opportunities for research in medical technology and draw on health economic arguments to influence policy makers.

Co-chair roles and responsibilities:

  • Support the strategic planning, implementation and continued development of a sustainable UK Renal MedTech Research Network
  • Bring the right people together and lead the network to fulfil agreed aims and objectives and ensure effective working with other stakeholders, including the UK Renal Registry, RaDaR, NIHR, etc. and covering both primary and secondary care domains
  • Ensure network membership includes representation from a wide range of stakeholder organisations with relevant knowledge to drive forward research in medical technology, including younger researchers and those with experience to address health inequalities
  • Report into the UK Kidney Research Consortium (UKKRC) and attend bi-annual meetings
  • Publicise the work of the UK Renal MedTech Research Network, working with Kidney Research UK, the UK Kidney Association and others through promotion at events and maintaining an on-line presence
  • Lead collaborative funding applications to support infrastructure of the network and to support research delivery
  • Ensure patient members are involved from the start in the set-up of the network and that patients and public are embedded into workstream activity at all times
  • Organise network meetings at least twice a year with support from Kidney Research UK
  • Act as a point of contact for other clinical study groups and networks across the UKKRC to facilitate collaboration and work together with other potential academic, charity or industrial partners
  • Position the network as the foremost driver of renal research in the area of medical technology

As agreed in the terms of reference for the UKKRC, the term of office for network co-chairs is four years.  At the end of the third year, co-chairs-elect will be recruited and appointed to allow a handover during the fourth year.  The maximum term for a co-chair is four years.

In addition to the responsibilities outlined above, there are  some additional criteria to fulfil the requirements of the role:


  • Involvement in current research activity in UK medical technology projects
  • Proven leadership skills
  • A collaborative outlook
  • Good communication and networking skills
  • Strong and relevant individual research track record (publications, successful grant applications)
  • A commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.


  • An active member of other collaborative networks
  • Experience of working with industry and involvement in commercial opportunities
  • Understanding of governance and complexities working across different NHS Trusts, including access to data.

Application process

Submit a short CV to apply for this position, with relevant experience and a two-page expression of interest to the UK Kidney Research Consortium Steering Group via The expression of interest should set out your vision for this network over the first three years of your term of office.

Closing date: 5pm, Friday 18 June 2021.

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