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Kidney disease ends here.


Barbara and Christine – Growing older in friendship and shared good health.

Matthew’s story – finding a hero

Matthew’s story – finding a hero Matthew finds his hero A little boy, born with congenital nephrotic syndrome, who has been waiting his whole life to find a suitable match for a kidney transplant has finally been given his wish. Matthew Pietrzyk from Glenfield in Leicestershire, who featured in our BBC Lifeline Appeal in 2015,…

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Dale’s story

Dale’s story Funding research to help people like Dale Dale Robinson was 22 when kidney disease changed his life forever. He was beginning to live the life of his dreams, achieving his ambitions, working all over the world, when he suddenly became very ill. Dale has IgA nephropathy. It’s a life-threatening kidney disease that turns…

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Jenny and David’s story

Jenny and David’s story David was dianosed with a rare form of form of kidney disease, called Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis. Jenny Griffiths, from Caldicot in Gwent, and her committee of friends have dedicated 10 years to raising funds for Kidney Research UK since her son David had a transplant in 2006. David was 18 when tests…

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Lesley’s kidney transplant journey

Lesley’s kidney transplant journey Lesley Lumsdaine had a successful transplant in 2012 from a kidney donated by her husband. Here is her story in her own words: I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in the summer of 1992 but was fortunate not to suffer any ill effects with the condition at that time. All…

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Kola’s Story

Kola’s Story Kola lives a normal life today thanks to kidney transplants. Cardiff resident Kola Ponnle can live a normal life today thanks to the ‘selfless’ actions of his father, brother and an anonymous kidney donor. But he believes organ donation can do more than save lives – it also has the potential to bring…

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Derek’s story

Derek’s story In 2012 Derek’s kidneys suddenly failed and turned his retirement into a rigid regime of haemodialysis. Kent resident Derek King had always enjoyed good health but in late December 2012 his kidneys suddenly failed and turned his retirement into a rigid regime of haemodialysis. He now looks upon his treatment as a job…

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Patricia’s journey with diabetes

Patricia’s journey with diabetes Patricia Gooden suspects she was exhibiting symptoms of having diabetes from as young as 13 years old, but, growing up in the Caribbean, it remained undetected. It was diagnosed only once she had moved to the UK and was pregnant with her second child. Patricia managed her diabetes with insulin, but…

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