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Kidney disease ends here.


Kidney health information

Questions about the kidneys and kidney disease

What do your kidneys do? What happens if they go wrong? Who is at risk of kidney disease?

Find out about the commonly asked questions about the kidneys and about kidney disease.

Kidney conditions & symptoms

Find out about different conditions that affect kidney function and the research we fund to save lives.

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Your urine holds the clues. Blood and protein in your urine cound be signs of kidney problems.

Kidney health resources

Here are some handy resources to give an introduction to many areas of kidney disease.


Are your kidneys OK?

A leaflet about chronic kidney disease, what it is and its symptoms.


Get kidney fit

A guide to your kidneys, and how to look after them.


Dialysis Decision

A booklet to support decision making about dialysis treatment.


Dialysis Choices: what are the options?

A film about different dialysis experiences.


Healthy eating cookbook

Recipes for people with chronic kidney disease or with a restricted diet.

Quanta Dialysis Technologies

Thanks to Quanta Dialysis Technologies for funding the printing of the Dialysis Decision Aid 2020.

Bulk orders

If you would like to receive a large amount of our leaflets or DVDs, please email our Supporter Care Team for more information or call 0300 303 1100.

Living with kidney disease

Get information, advice and hear about other people's experience of living with kidney disease.

Find out about kidney disease progression, care and treatments for kidney failure, advice for dealing with diagnosis and ways to take control of your kidney disease.

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