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Coronavirus and kidney disease

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Coronavirus and kidney disease

 Our coronavirus and kidney disease hub pulls together all our work related to Covid-19.

Get the latest information about Covid-19 kidney research we are funding and how the charity has been affected by the pandemic.

Get answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Our work on Covid-19

Find out about our research and work into coronavirus and kidney disease that your generous donations are helping to fund.

Covid injection

Can a tapeworm drug protect high risk kidney patients from Covid-19?

We are helping to fund a clinical trial to find out if the drug niclosamide, usually used to treat tapeworms, can prevent Covid-19 infection in vulnerable, high risk kidney patients and reduce the number of people who become seriously ill or die from it. 

High Throughput Screening STP multi-pipetting.

New study will reveal how well Covid-19 vaccines protect dialysis patients

Kidney Research UK and the National Kidney Federation (NKF) are joining forces to fund a new research study to discover how well Covid-19 vaccines work in people who go to hospital for their dialysis treatment (haemodialysis).

Research in the lab

Covid-19 vaccine drive for people with underlying health conditions

We have signed an open letter with health charities across the UK to encourage people with long-term health conditions and their carers to come forward for their Covid-19 vaccine.

Covid-19 vaccine information

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Covid-19 vaccines and kidney disease

We've been working with the professional kidney organisations and charities to ensure we all provide consistent, accurate information about the Covid-19 vaccines.
Take a look at our vaccine information and our frequently asked questions.

News and updates

Hear from other people living with kidney disease and their experience of the pandemic along with our charity updates on coronavirus.

Your donation is more critical than ever

Every minute last year we spent £16.21 on research. With your support we can make sure life-saving research continues.

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