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Kidney disease ends here.


Living with kidney disease

There are lots of ways to live with kidney disease and manage everyday life. Here is practical advice and support for those living with kidney disease.

In the UK there are currently about

people living with kidney disease

Questions about living with kidney disease

How can I deal with my diagnosis?

How can I help take control of my kidney disease?

What are the care and treatments for kidney failure?

What happens when you approach kidney failure?

Can kidney disease lead to other complications?

How can I help with research?

Kidney disease and families

Life with kidney disease can be hard for our closest friends and loved ones. Find out how it affected Jackie and her husband Sam.

Stories of kidney experience

Our amazing community of patients, family members, doctors and professionals share their experiences of kidney disease.

Help us fund vital research

Take part in a sponsored event or run your own fundraiser. However you want to do it, we're here to support you every step of the way.


Our life-saving research is only possible with your support

Save lives.

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