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Kidney disease ends here.


Alternative funding

Accelerating research through alternative funding

Accelerating research and innovation in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.

Diffusion tensor imaging

Through research we understand more about the kidney’s biology, health and disease. This has made life-saving drugs and life-changing technologies possible. 

To make research happen faster, and make it count for patients sooner, we are working with selected partners to establish alternative approaches to funding. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ way to funding research. We want to explore and develop different funding opportunities for researchers and scientists. 

We aim to increase the knowledge of researchers and scientists to be able to consider and explore the opportunities around intellectual property (IP) and alternative funding. As part of the programme we will create, with partners, a series of opportunities, workshops, training sessions and 'boot camps' for researchers to be better prepared to consider alternative funding.

By exploring a range of alternative funding, we aim to support and create greater investment to make more breakthroughs in kidney research. 

Our alternative funding partners

Find out about our current partners

UK BioIndustry Association (BIA)

The BIA have number of programmes to support start-ups in life sciences including: 

BIA PULSE, a three-day leadership and entrepreneurship training programme developed by the  BIA and  The Francis Crick Institute 

BIA Start-up Festival, a new event for emerging companies. 


Accelerate@Babraham operate the annual StartUP@Babraham competition, which - via a competitive application and selection process - gives up to five early-stage life science enterprises the opportunity to take part in a five-month bio-entrepreneurial mentoring programme.

More opportunities

Illumina Accelerator

Illumina Accelerator is focused on creating an innovation ecosystem for the genomics industry. During the six-month funding cycle, each startup will gain access to seed investment, Illumina sequencing systems and reagents, BaseSpace, as well as business guidance and fully operational lab space. Applications close on 1 October 2021.

KidneyX Innovation Accelerator

KidneyX, a partnership between HHS and the American Society of Nephrology, has a calendar of innovation prizes, competitions, and an accelerator programme. Check out the KidneyX website for current opportunities.

Start Codon

Start Codon is a life science accelerator that focuses on supporting highly disruptive, translational innovations created by exceptional teams. There is no formal application process, interested start-ups should apply through the contact us section of the Start Codon website. Applications are accepted at any time.

Panacea Stars

Panacea Stars aim to challenge perceptions, transform innovation and change lives through the Panacea Stars Accelerator. The accelerator programme is designed to help translate a vision into a thriving business through the support of time, resources and capital to de-risk and fast-track development in life sciences. Applications are accepted at any time.

Got a question? Get in touch.

Get in touch to find out more how you can become involved in our alternative funding programme or how you can become a partner. 

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