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Take part in research

Take part in research

Patient participation in research is vital. But, people can often be put off taking part because they perceive they are treated as ‘guinea pigs’.

Being on a clinical trial is one way to take part in research. From bio-medical research through to studying standards of care, the research we fund offers many different ways to participate and it is just as important to join a focus group or complete a questionnaire.

To keep up to date with opportunities to be involved or participate in research join Kidney Voices.

Pivotal trial patient, Mimi Hoare, and nurse, Elizabeth Clarke

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical Trials are medical research studies that involve people. They aim to find new and improved ways to treat, manage and diagnose conditions. Trials include testing new drugs, new techniques and technologies and improvements to existing treatments. They are vital to developing more effective treatments that have less side effects and give people a better quality of life.

"Being part of a research project exploring new treatments that will allow future kidney patients to lead a normal-a-life as possible is very exciting. My goal is to help and support clinical trials so that future generations will hopefully be able to have a better quality of life. It is only with trials and research that new ways of combating illnesses can be found and each generation will improve on the last."

Kevin Blackmore, PIVTOAL trial participant

Why take part in a clincial trial?

A fantastic way to support research is to take part in a clinical trial. Clinical trials are vital for improving treatments. People choose to take part in clinical trials because:

  • it helps increase understanding of how to treat a particular disease or condition
  • it may benefit them, or others like them, in the future
  • it is the best way to find out if new treatments are safe, beneficial and effective
  • patients who take part in a clinical trial may be among the first to benefit from a new treatment.
General image  - lab equipment

How to join a clinical trial

  • Ask your GP or Consultant about any trials you may be eligible for
  • Visit the NIHR Be Part of Research website for information about clinical trials running in the UK (search for renal or kidney)
  • Visit the web pages for your local Clinical Research Network
  • Visit the website featuring worldwide studies
  • If you live in Scotland, try SHARE an NHS Research Scotland initiative for people interested in participating in health research
  • Listen to the experiences of people who have taken part in research.

Got a question? Get in touch.

Contact our Patient Involvement Officer to find out more about getting involved with research:

0300 303 1100

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