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Around three million people in the UK have kidney disease


Corporate support

Work with us and help save lives

We're the largest charity dedicated to research in to kidney disease. But in comparison to some of your household charity names, we’re a small organisation. We don’t have a long list of corporate partners, so all of our partners will get our full attention and a completely bespoke partnership plan.

Working with us is about more than just fundraising and big cheque presentations;

  • It’s about working together on a plan that is going to excite your staff, engage your customers and create impact for those living with kidney disease.
  • It’s about working with you to deliver new and interesting health messages to your staff.
  • It’s about delivering you a portfolio of events that will make everyone want to get involved and will bring teams closer together than ever before.
  • It’s about working with a charity that although is small, is at the cutting edge of its field and is saving lives today!

Our charity is full of passionate people striving to drive kidney disease up the health agenda. We aim to work together with our corporate partners to create something that both, our charity and your company, can be truly proud of for years to come.

Mike Nicholson, Normothermic Perfusion

Got a question? Get in touch.

For more information or if you have any questions, get in touch with our Corporate Partnerships Manager:

0300 303 1100

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