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Kidney disease ends here.


Live streaming

Live stream for kidneys

Game. Chat. Compete. Cook. Run. Play.
Get creative and channel the power of live streaming for a great cause.
Are you ready to help end kidney disease? Create your own 'live stream for kidneys' event today.

How to get involved

1. Create a fundraising page.

Set up a fundraising page on JustGiving or Tiltify.

Female at computer screen

Sign up on Tiltify

Family cooking

Sign up on Just Giving

2. Choose your event.

A marathon gaming session? A podcast with friends? Hosting your own bake off? Something completely different?

Whatever your talent, hobby or challenge, create your event get ready to broadcast it live.

Game for kidneys
Chat for kidneys
Compete for kidneys
Play for kidneys
Run for kidneys

3. Spread the word.

Shout loud and proud about your event and spread the word with your online and offline network!

We want your fundraising experience to be as good as your live stream itself! We’ll be there with you throughout, sharing ideas, helpful tips and advice.


Get connected

Connect with our community on Discord

4. Go live!

Today’s the day for your live stream.

Fire up the cylinders, kick start your event, stream the action and watch the donations and support roll in live!

Tips, tricks and FAQs

Advice and tips for your streaming event

What is Tiltify?

Tiltify is an online platform specifically created for online fundraising that enables supporters to donate to a live stream.

Tiltify provides the tools to engage with donors and raise more money for life-saving research such as:  

  • Baked-in incentives - Tiltify has incentive based features to create rewards, challenges, polls and milestones that drive donor activity 
  • On-screen alerts - give your donors instant recognition while they keep track of the fundraising excitement 

  • Schedules - keep your donors up to date on your fundraising schedule so they don't miss a moment
  • Team fundraising - create, support or join a team fundraiser to work together with friends, colleagues or supporters to maximize your donation together. 
What type of event or challenge can I stream?

The short answer is anything! The most common live streaming fundraisers relate to gaming. That might mean a 24-hour gaming marathon, a team event or a world-wide tournament.  

Other supporters of Kidney Research UK have live streamed:  

  • Cooking classes  
  • Marathon trampoline session  
  • Shaving their head  
  • Running a marathon!  

The power of streaming allowed these supporters to engage, entertain and incentivise their donors live, raising more money than they otherwise would have!  

What platform can I stream on?

You can link any of these platforms to your Tiltify page: 

  • Twitch  
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Live  


What equipment do I need?

Live streaming is easy-peasy. The basics:  

  • A computer or smart phone with a camera and microphone  
  • Internet access  
  • An account on a streaming channel such as Twitch, Youtube or Facebook  
  • Your Tiltfy or JustGiving fundraising page to overlay on your stream.  

Each platform requires slight variations in the software you might need.  

You can find a guide to livestreaming on Twitch here: 

Here is a YouTube guide on livestreaming: 

And for Facebook Live, you can find a guide here: 

Can I create a team?

Absolutely! Streaming is about having fun and connecting with others and Titify is made for teams.

How can Kidney Research UK help me?

We want your fundraising experience to be as good as your live stream itself! We’ll be there with you throughout, sharing ideas, helpful tips and advice. 

We’ve also got lots of downloadable tools to help you spread the word about your challenge. If you need any support with fundraising, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team who would be happy to help you.

Got a question? Get in touch.

For more information about doing a streaming fundraiser, get in touch with
our Supporter Care Team:

0300 303 1100

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